Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The First Time

Yesterday, we have contributed our first time to --- rabbits! It was a biology experiment that we need to dissect a rabbit to observe its digestive system, circulatory system and reproductive system. The rabbits were so cute and we felt pity for them.. sorry but thank you rabbits..

The way to faint the rabbits was ok, we just put them in a transparent pot that contained cotton stained with chloroform, like this..

Then, it was the dissection process. Better not to mention too much, besides observing the related systems, we even observed their brains! [FAINT]

Overall, it was a successful experiment! Thank you guys!


  1. sorry but thank you too, rabbits!!R.I.P.
    mati tak sia-sia.

    1. other people think we are cruel to do dissection on the cute animals.. R.I.P..