Saturday, 4 February 2012

Those Years

Recently, the Taiwan movie "You are the Apple of My Eyes" (if it is translated directly from the Chinese words, "Those Years, the Girl that We Chase Together") is very popular especially among the teenagers as it recalls our irreplaceable memories during our teenage times.

Indeed, everyone has his/her own wonderful memories during the school times. The friends that we made, teachers that we met, all that we have gone through together, are very precious and valuable. In the movie, it also mentions that the good friends that we made during secondary school may become our life long friends. Believe it or not, it is up to you.

I still remember that, my friends like to talk about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, no matter in the present or in the future, and it has always been the most popular topic in our school life.

Maybe we may forget the small incidents that happened at that time, but somehow it will reappear in our mind at unknown time and place.

Those years, there are too many to be reminisced... ...

Friday, 27 January 2012

During CNY

During the Chinese New Year, I
*eat a lot
*drink a lot
*watch tv a lot
last but not least
*receive angpao a lot!

The celebration will over soon, but hope that the spirit of dragon will never end not only till the last day of dragon year, but for the following years to come. DRAGON: GRUARGG!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The First Time

Yesterday, we have contributed our first time to --- rabbits! It was a biology experiment that we need to dissect a rabbit to observe its digestive system, circulatory system and reproductive system. The rabbits were so cute and we felt pity for them.. sorry but thank you rabbits..

The way to faint the rabbits was ok, we just put them in a transparent pot that contained cotton stained with chloroform, like this..

Then, it was the dissection process. Better not to mention too much, besides observing the related systems, we even observed their brains! [FAINT]

Overall, it was a successful experiment! Thank you guys!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Here

Start to create a blog on January because it is easier to remember. By the way, school has just reopen, but we have already busy in our study, "visited" by lots of work.

Modular system for STPM students will start this year, replace the terminal system that has been practice for a long time. A good news for the new generation, as my teacher say, it is easier, but my classmates seem to be discouraged. Yea, you bet it, we are the last generation who use the terminal system. Come on guys, no need to pull a long face. I believe that if one is diligent, one can move further than he/she is now.

Chinese New Year is coming soon. Luckily, we got 1 week holiday!